Having trouble tracking your time on tasks?

We did too. WorkDive provides the nuts and bolts of time capture so you can bootstrap your business from the get-go, especially if you or others on your team charge by the hour. WorkDive offers multiple ways for your colleagues to enter their time. Tracking the pulse of your business has never been easier!

Why We WorkDive?

Track your hours

This seems obvious - it's what we do best. You or your team can enter time by literally texting it. Want to go old school? Use our iPhone app to punch in your time on the go. Not interested in the fanciness? Enter it into our web app.

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Are you having issues collecting time from your employees? Well...well...well. Turns out, time entry is annoying. We've changed that. Once you assign your team members to a project, they will receive notification reminders to punch in their time. It's REALLY easy.


We like analytics. That's why we've enabled consolidated reports of all time entry on your projects: Year-To-Date Earnings, Monthly and Daily Costs, Revenue and Profit, Hours Spent on Projects.

B Budgeting

Track time and spend against project budgets. We've also allowed budget allocations by employee, allowing you to fine-tune employee performance as needed.


Easily generate invoices for your clients based on time spent on projects.

S Scale

This tool is free to use. If you need to scale the number of team members or projects at any time - no problem! Our pricing model is very simple and you can upgrade anytime.

How to Get Started

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1.) Add a Team Member

Build your roster. Add all the contractors and employees that are working for you. If you're flying solo, add yourself. That's it. Now your team is ready for work!

Person Email Phone Cost Rate Profit per Hour
John Bayer John.Bayer123@smallwebco.com (215)-734-1221 $20/hr. $50/hr. $30/hr.
Amy Gonzalez AmyGonzalez@smallwebco.com (315)-734-1245 $30/hr. $50/hr. $20/hr.
Jannelle Tucker JTucker@smallwebco.com (915)-234-2921 $50/hr. $60/hr. $10/hr.

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2.) Create a Project

Create your project, assign team members. They will receive automatic text reminders to punch in their time AND they can do it by text! How cool is that! They don't need to download ANYTHING!

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3.) Monitor Your Business

Watch entries start to roll in and start invoicing clients. Track and monitor time, approve submissions and keep track of revenue, hourly.



Time Entry System
Project Setup Tools
Team Roster Tools
Real-Time Analytics
Entries Updated in Real-Time
Submission Approval
Invoice Module
Expense Module
Task Master: Manage Your To-Dos


1 Project
Up to 2 Team Members

It's Free Forever!


3 Projects
Up to 5 Team Members

$9 / mo.


7 Projects
Up to 17 Team Members

$34 / mo.


25 Projects
Up to 50 Team Members

$49 / mo.

The Word

Joe 00582a7e66daacdc65de42254214f7ca3ef2b9fe305fa3398d8319c434573bea
Joe Morrell of Morrell and Co.
A business owner's perspective

“WorkDive offers an incredibly quick and easy way to gather hours worked across multiple projects. With daily updates, WorkDive enables timely monitoring of revenue and costs and provides flexible exports for monthly reporting.”

Ashley b51aa66814eb14555983bb87bea1ad74e577d891a55b32e05d4568acd0f91cb3
Ashley S.
A contractor's perspective

"I think it's so helpful and so much easier than making invoices & logging hours into a slow system that I can only access on my desktop. It helps me keep accurate hours vs trying to remember at the end of the week or month what I did day by day."

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